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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

One Thing is Clear.......Longview Expects Top $ To Execute the Animals!

I have mixed feelings about what or why or how to continue posting to this blog. Every time an animal is KILLED at the "shelter" in Longview, TX ........perfectly healthy adoptable animals, every single time I make a promise to them and to all the poor creatures who have the misfortune to end up there.....I promise them someday this hell hole will be shut down. (Yes, I said hell hole...I call it like it is.)

I'm certain the tax-paying people of Longview and the surrounding communities are NOT truly aware these animals are being KILLED. I think some of the owner surrenders we curse about are clueless as to what chance their "pet" REALLY has for survival at Longview. This dirty little secret is not so little anymore and not as easy to sweep under the rug. It won't go away....the interim director refuses to see the truth in what is.

The kill rate being reported by Ms Russell appears to be watered down considerably, but I will say this: ANY % of perfectly healthy, adoptable animals being KILLED is UNACCEPTABLE.

Taxpayers of Longview, do you realize this shelter is now asking YOU to pay this shelter nearly $100,000 MORE this year for a total of $260,250 during the 2012-13 fiscal year? Yes, they are asking that very amount! WHY should Longview continue to pay EVEN MORE JUST TO CONTINUE KILLING the animals?

Understand also that amount DOES NOT INCLUDE the free water, sewer and refuge the city of Longview gives them. PLUS add to the $260,250 ALL the adoption fees and donations. PLUS add to that the $ Longview receives from the other communities. Longview has individual contracts with the other communities.

The interim director refuses to step down and she refuses to embrace a NO KILL solution. Kirby TX went NO KILL and they DID IT OVERNIGHT! Longview's excuses are as old as their methods.......

ONE THING IS matter the building, no matter the director, no matter the mayor or city council or all the advocates combined......IF LONGVIEW DOES NOT ACCEPT THE NO KILL METHOD THE ANIMALS OF THAT AREA ARE FOREVER LOST.

If you love the animals, don't keep quiet any longer. Shut this place down!


Of the animals pictured in this collage who were "featured" in an earlier post....the following PERFECTLY HEALTHY ADOPTABLE ANIMALS WERE ALL KILLED AT LONGVIEW!
(These animals represent only a tiny tiny fraction of the animals slaughtered in that "shelter".)
RIP Snowball, Snow, Sally, Liz, Raquel, Buddy and Shep *(

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