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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


It's true that kill shelters means you will have dead animals. Anyone who says different is fooling themselves. It's also true that NO KILL does not mean NO DEAD ANIMALS! It means 90% or more of all animals saved and 100% of all adoptable animals saved!

Pictured here are 12 sweet perfectly healthy adoptable animals killed all on or around July 27th, all KILLED at Longview Shelter in Texas. (NOT put to sleep.....these animals are NOT SLEEPING....THEY ARE DEAD!) The EXACT date is "unknown" because like many kill shelters this shelter is particularly secretive about details of when and how many are KILLED.

Rest in Peace All You Sweet Creatures......Noodles, Gidget, May and Fay, Lounger, Baby Ollie, Tux, Blueberry and Muffin, Marmalade, Baby Strawberry and Cookie. YOU WERE LOVED by many and we pray you're at the Rainbow Bridge awaiting your true forever people......the ones who didn't have time to find you before your lives were unceremoniously taken away.

To end this post......I want to say I recently received two LOOOONG messages from an employee of this shelter who told me my posting about the activities at this shelter was "hard on the people who actually do the euthanizing" (I can't believe they still call it euthanizing.....sigh). I wanted to type back really fast....."I bet it's a LOT HARDER on those poor animals you're killing!"

But I didn't type that. Instead I tried to talk to this employee about NO KILL. I prayed really hard this employee would finally "get it" and know that killing these animals can never be justified. NEVER EVER EVER.......

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