ADVOCATE noun: a person who speaks or writes in support or defense of a person, cause, etc. This blog is ABOUT THE ANIMALS. It's about accepting NO LESS than 90% survival. It's about gathering an Army of Volunteers for the animals of Gregg County, TX. The animals and advocates need YOU to join us OR GET OUT OF OUR WAY!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Since I began posting animals to Pet Pardons.....I have "met" online some of the absolute sweetest, kindest, most passionate people in the world. These people would give you one of their own kidneys I think...or at least they'd give one to their dog or cat if needed. These persons are literally bursting with the kind of passion that is needed in this world.

The DANGER though in this very passionate "business" of saving animals burnout. And it's very, very real. The emotional highs and lows daily, even hourly can wreck havoc upon the most stable of temperments.

Prevent burnout by teaming up with a pair of like minded advocates. Form a tag team. When one team member is beat up emotionally and can't continue on, another advocate refreshed from a different time zone perhaps can jump right in and take your place.

Go rest while you can, because we need YOU in this fight. The killing shelters are operating and slaughtering thousands of it's imperative we WORK TOGETHER FOR THE ANIMALS!
These 4 innocent animals were among those I posted last week to Pet Pardons from the Longview TX "shelter".....I found out today these four didn't make it out of that hell hole. Don't really know how long they've been dead because the shelter is very secretive about how they kill, when they kill. In all honesty, they were probably dead by Saturday evening. :( You see, the "shelter" is closed on Sunday and Monday and the animals photos are not updated daily on the Facebook page run by the volunteers. 

All 4 perfectly healthy, adoptable animals KILLED FOR SPACE!!!  Shame on the old school board of directors and owners of that privately-owned shelter for refusing to throw out the archaic methods...Karma IS A BITCH!!! Remember that!





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