ADVOCATE noun: a person who speaks or writes in support or defense of a person, cause, etc. This blog is ABOUT THE ANIMALS. It's about accepting NO LESS than 90% survival. It's about gathering an Army of Volunteers for the animals of Gregg County, TX. The animals and advocates need YOU to join us OR GET OUT OF OUR WAY!

Monday, July 23, 2012


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You can:

1. Visit your local animal shelter. Adopt a pet. Offer to foster. Volunteer! (if they don't have a current program for Volunteers, offer to start one.)

2. Contact a local animal rescue. Volunteer. DONATE money, supplies, pet food, labor to clean cages and exercise or groom the animals. Offer to assist with off-site adoption events.

3. Look around your neighborhood. Do you have an elderly or disabled neighbor or perhaps a relative with a pet that needs exercise, food, litterbox changed or a trip to the vet? Fresh air and exercise does a body good and it's great for the animals too.

4. Establish a pet food bank in your community for those on limited funds. No person should be forced to choose between feeding themselves or their pets. Again, let's keep these pets out of the shelters!

5. Offer to help transport an animal. Many times animals lives can be saved by merely offering a ride. Join Texas Transports on Facebook.

6. Contact YOUR local politicians and get them on board with passing animal welfare laws and making things right for these animals. (Texans...find your contact here.)

7. Be kind to the animals, because YES, kindness matters!

So, what can YOU do FOR THE ANIMALS?

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